María Martínez-Siemel

María Martínez-Siemel

María Martínez-Siemel brings nearly fifteen years of elder law, estate planning and tax and business experience to Swaim & Danner. Her practice focuses on helping families make sure their loved ones are taken care of as life situations change. She handles guardianship and conservatorship cases; long term care benefits planning; wills, trusts and  probate and trust administration. She is a member of NAELA, the Elder Law Section of the New Mexico Bar, the New Mexico Guardianship Association and Rotary Del Sol.

“I knew estate planning and elder law was what I wanted to do after I saw how incredibly important it is. When I was working at one of the large firms here in Albuquerque, a lovely couple with a blended family came in to update their business organization and to write up wills.  Over the next couple of years they became close personal friends as well as clients.

One beautiful summer evening, they took their motorcycle to meet friends for dinner. They never arrived. Just blocks from their home,they were hit by a car driver looking into the sun. The husband died, leaving his two elementary aged children and their fitness business. His wife survived with a broken neck as well as other permanent injuries.

Thanks to their willingness to plan, the kids were provided for, the business remained intact until a decision could be made about it months later, and the kids regularly see their stepmother even now (without planning, she would have had no legal right to continue her relationship with them.)

I still miss them, but helping them protect what they loved was one of the most important things I’ve ever done. I have seen first-hand how good planning is part of taking care of our families and it is my privilege to help people do just that.”