Consider a Trust for Long Term Incapacity Planning

At the end of 2017 President Trump enacted the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. One major change that resulted from the act was an increase in the life time exclusion amount. The new lifetime exclusion amount is over 11 million dollars. A lot of people speculate that with the new exclusion amount, it is no...
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Write the End of Your Story by Creating an Estate Plan

One day while driving, I noticed a large billboard with the following phrase written in bold font:  “Great Stories are Ruined by Bad Endings.”  While so many things in life are outside of your control, the ending to your story is not.  Creating an Estate Plan allows you to write the ending to your story. ...
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James F. Beckley, of counsel

James F. Beckley has practiced law in Albuquerque for over 45 years with a focus on estate planning, trust administration, probate administration, estate and gift taxation and business planning.  He is a recognized New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization Specialist in the areas of Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate Law. Jim’s accomplishments include: Member, American...
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Larry M. Reecer, of counsel

Larry M. Reecer has practiced law in New Mexico since 1975. A graduate of the Georgetown University School of Law, Mr. Reecer is a member of the State Bar of New Mexico. His areas of practice include: Estate Planning, Trust Law, Corporate Law, Business Law, Real Estate, and Probate.

Larry Reecer is Retiring

After 40+ years of practice I have decided to retire. In anticipation of my retirement I have joined the law firm of Swaim & Danner, P.C. Don Swaim and Matt Danner are both shareholders with the firm. Don has been practicing Estate Planning, Business Planning, Probate and Trust Administration and Tax law for over 30...
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